C.W. Eldridge formed the Tattoo Archive in 1980 in Berkeley, CA and is now located in Winston Salem, NC. The Archive likes to think of itself as the “three ring circus of tattooing”. The Archive offers custom tattooing, operates a tattoo museum and a mail order business selling tattoo-related memorabilia worldwide. Its writing and research on the history of tattooing has been published throughout the USA and Europe. Visit the Tattoo Archive online at
The Tattoo Archive is also the home of The Paul Rogers Tattoo Research Center (PRTRC) a non-profit corporation. The PRTRC was formed in 1993 with the primary goal of preserving Paul Rogers’ extensive tattoo collection. The PRTRC can be found online at:


The Book Mistress

The BookMistress sets up shop at the Tattoo Archive and sells tattoo-related books on tattoo history, contemporary tattoos as well as children’s books, DVDs and greeting cards. The BookMistress also has an online store, selling her books all over the world. She is online at



Another great addition to the Hell City gallery this year is the Columbus Ohio tattoo history exhibit of Joey Knuckles  who will also be giving a seminar at Hell City 2019.
Joey will be displaying his unique collection that he has been working on over the years of columbus history and artifacts from Stoney St. Clair, Marty Holcomb, Dana Brunson and other Ohio greats.
His impressive tattoo machine collection, exuding Ohio tattoo greatness and will be on displays for your souls to relish in. Be sure to step in to the Fine Art Gallery over the weekend to see this historic Ohio tattoo collection