Street Team

The Hell City Street Team

Let ’em all know that Hell City is coming!

Thank you for your interest in the Hell City Street Team!  Let ’em all know that Hell City is coming!

We appreciate your street team sign up and efforts in promoting the Hell City Tattoo Festival. Let everyone in your area know about Hell City! You will be receiving a street team packet containing handout items for your local tattoo & body piercing studios, clothing stores, record shops, music venues, local churches (just kidding) and other places you feel fit to place them. To show our appreciation, we offer our Street Team members free HC T-shirt’s and more when attending the Hell City Tattoo Festival, see details below!


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  • Please leave no more than 25-50 flyers per shop/business at any one time – You can always go back if you need to drop off more
  • If a shop declines to let you leave flyers, please thank them anyway and tell them “we hope to see them at the convention” – Again, respect goes a long way
  • Please ask for the manager and introduce yourself and let them know you are part of the “Hell City Street Team” and ask permission if it’s ok to leave some flyers – showing the shop that respect goes a long way
  • You are required to take pictures of yourself at the least 5 shops when/where you leave flyers – You can email us the pictures to We have a Street Team Photo album
  • Once we receive your 5 photos at those different locations, we will send you your 1 day free  admission to the Hell City Tattoo Festival
  • Please do not limit yourselves to just tattoo and piercing shops/studios. In the past, we have flyered places such as smoke shops, “cool” hair salons, record stores, coffee shops and I have even gone into the malls and asked the management at stores if they will allow us to leave flyers. We have also flyered cool stores such as skate shops and places like that. If you know of any car shows those are great too.
  • Art walks and fairs are also a gold mine!
  • We are also asking all the Street Team members to post to message boards & post online. Please use your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, personal blog and other social media sites OFTEN. This is the next best street level way to promote the best tattoo convention there is. If you need our online flyer codes or banners please let us know, you can also visit our Promote Hell City page.

Special Thanks to our Street Team Friends!