This year we are expanding The Wet Paint Project off the stage and into its own entire  room in order to include more artists in this incredible experience!  There are only a few remaining artist spaces available and they are filling up fast! Sign up now to work alongside Somme of the industries brightest and most renowned artists!

Seats are limited, there is a small cost, only $150 per person for all three days in order for us to pay for the space. This includes a weekend pass for Hell City too!

Spaces are first come first served, so don’t delay! Each artist who signs up gets a space to work for the entire weekend! Simply bring your own supplies, and spend your time making art with us and working alongside your favorite Hell City artists!

Once again, Chris Dingwell will be bringing The Wet Paint Project back to Hell City! The tattoo world’s finest and most exciting artists will be creating their work LIVE  before your very eyes at this year's Hell City Tattoo Festival! Artists from around the country, will be working on their creations all weekend long. They will be fueling each others imaginations and sparking their creative flames. Come witness the artistic process in action all weekend long! You might even be able to buy the artwork whose birth you’ve witnessed at Hell City! With this years unbeatable line-up of artists, there won’t be a dull moment on the WET PAINT PROJECT all weekend long!

Presented by @hell_city & @chrisdingwell🔥 




Meet The Organizer: Chris Dingwell

I started tattooing in 1994 after finishing a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Ohio State University. My painting and sculptural work are a big influence on my tattooing. I translate my painting into my tattoos. I try to translate the movement of the human body into the my designs. Also, with a background in sculpture, I adapt the concepts of shaping a piece of pottery to tattooing a human body. My knowledge of figurative sculpture helps convert images to the contours of arms, legs, backs and other parts of the body. All my work is original art customized to each client. 


ABOUT MY PAINTING  My work is about the flavor of memory. These images are collaged together from found photographs of random people; strangers to me. They are other people's memories which I cut up, distort and re-assemble. I am not interested in describing these memories, but in extracting the essence of those memories from the actual details of the people, places, and times involved. It is not the memories themselves, but the fleeting and fragmentary feeling of memory: the flavor of it that filters through.

Email Chris: chris@chrisdingwelltattoo.com 



Wet Paint Artists at Hell City Phoenix 2024:

Chris Dingwell




Wet Paint Artists at Hell City Columbus 2024:

Chris Dingwell
Christine Vallieres

Renee Little
Carly Menasco
Caryl Cunningham
Susannah Griggs
Kate Erso
Hannah Aitchison
Florida Forreal
Tee Jay Dill
Mika Eversole
Luka Weinberger 
Amber Olsen
Amber Slick
Ashley Huber
Kara Klenk 
Josh Payne
Maxwell Egy
Toby Gehrlich
Dave Hershman
Christopher Gay
Ryan Thompson
Jimmy Dalessio
Killian Moon 
Brandon Sontag
Chris Summers
Glizzy Gunning 




Wet Paint Artists at Hell City Columbus 2023


•Chris Dingwell

•Christopher Vaughn Gay

•Catherine Kalleel

•Christine Vallieres

•Toby Gehrlich

•Ryan Thompson.

•David Hershman

•Nathan John

•Griffin Freehling

•Nicole Marie McCord

•Shervin Iranshahar

•Carly Menasco

•Amber Olsen. 

•Kate Erso

•Florida Domanski

•Rudy Lopez

•Renee Little

•Ananda War

•Thea Duskin

•Nathan Marti

•Nicole Elisa Perez

•Kurt Windish.

•Amber Slick


•Glizzy Gunning*

•Chris Summers*

•Scott LaMadline *

•Chance LaMadline*

•Christopher Seifrit*

•Anna VanWalsen*

•Thomas Goudy*

•Bob Pelgen*

•Kylie Weist*

•Chris McCall.

•Whitney Brown.


Paint will splatter, messes will be made, mistakes scratched out and painted over, accidents will happen, jokes will be told, drinks will be spilled; in short, artistic genius will unfold RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES!  

Also a “Best Wet Painter” HELL CITY  AWARD TO BE GIVEN AT HELL CITY! This will be a people choice award that will be done in the Wet Paint room by ballot where attendees will mark their favorite artist to win the “Best Wet Painter” award at Hell City.

The “Best Wet Painter” award will be given Sunday evening at 7pm at the mainstage!