Hell City Hotties

Hell City Hotties Model Contest 2019

Official Tattooed Trophy Girl Models of The Hell City Tattoo Festival! Scroll down for all the info and details! 

Who will make it to the Hell City Tattoo Fest Mainstage in 2019? ENTER BELOW!


Thank you for your interest in joining all the beautiful tattoo models competing to become an official Hell City Hottie and make it to the Hell City Tattoo Festival mainstage in front of the tattoo crowd there to vote for the top three models competing! To enter the Hotties tattoo model contest, you must submit one Professional Photos ONLY, via the HC Hotties form attached to this link, any selfies, blurry photos, screen caps or any other separately emailed photos outside of the official HC Hotties form will NOT be entered and your form will be deleted. Please abide by the written photo submission rules!


The Hell City Hotties online tattoo model contest is a fun, free to enter, online modeling competition that has showcased and has had over 200 beautiful tattooed models enter the Hotties contest over the years. This collection of beautiful tattooed models have come together to support each other and raise the other positive women around them as they compete to get to the Hell City mainstage!

The Hell City Hotties online contest is a positive way for aspiring models to be a part of a fun contest that brings both the tattoo community and the modeling community together! Being a Hell City Hottie benefits aspiring alternative tattoo models trying to break into Alt-modeling or for any model for that matter focusing on expanding their modeling career. 

The Hotties competition gives a professional platform to models who don’t normally get showcased within the modeling or tattoo industry giving the contestants the opportunity to break out & meet other lovely professional models in the tattoo and modeling community and industry. Hell City promotes the Hotties competition through various forms of social media along with the beautiful models that have entered using their social media platforms to promote themselves as well to get votes and followers on their media and also the images at the official voting page at www.hellcityhottiesvoting.com .

The Hell City Tattoo Festival has always had an amazing selection of beautiful and talented tattoo models grace the stage over the years.  Hell City will be supporting and promoting beautiful tattooed women from the tattoo community and industry to be the official “Hell City Hotties” trophy girls of Hell City along with other tattoo models from the tattooing and modeling community and industry!

The “Hell City Hotties” are the official trophy girls handing out awards to the winners on the main stage along with an amazing collection of other beautiful tattoo models, while at the same time getting great exposure over the entire festival weekend. The winners of the Hell City Hotties contest will join all the other lovely women from various modeling groups within the tattoo industry and community. These tattoo models will be joining the rest of the “Hotties” within the tattoo industry and community. These tattoo models are turning up the heat on the Hell City mainstage joining the other “Hell City Hotties” during the mainstage contest this year!



Introducing the 'Official Host' of Hell City Hotties 2019 Contest



Little Miss Inked is an alternative model from Columbus Ohio. She fell in love with modeling at just 16 years old after her older sister took up photography, and has been working many years in front of the lens to perfect the art. She’s been published in several magazines including Skin Art, Xpressions, Ultraviolet and others - her most recent being a 6 page feature in Tattoo magazine! She also won her first crown in a city pageant in 2009, and was more than stoked when she was able to combine the two passions after being crowned first place Hell City Hotties winner 2018. Her other passions include her love for all animals, and dreams of one day opening an animal sanctuary, as well as collecting coffee mugs with motivational quotes on them. Last but not least she is looking forward to crowning the next Hell City Hottie first place winner for 2019 - see you there!!










  • Voting opens 2 month prior to Hell City Tattoo Festival.
  • Voting lasts 1 month at www.hellcityhottiesvoting.com .
  • Final Ballot voting takes place at Hotties Voting Table at Hell City Mainstage.
  • Completely fill out the form below for your chance to enter for FREE!
  • Hell City will post your photo and hotties logo on the voting page for votes.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to submit or enter Hell City Hotties.
  • The top 10 winners will be selected by voters on the HC voting page contest.
  • Top 3 final winners out of the top 10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will be chosen on Sunday at the Hell City mainstage
  • Each like online counts as a vote, comments do not count towards votes.
  • Post on social media using the #hellcityhotties and @hellcityhotties tags
  • Link to the Facebook page to increase your votes for your favorite model.
  • Some tips for obtain votes Include the Hell City hotties voting link in your Instagram and Facebook profiles!
  • Make a highlights folder on your Instagram profile for Hell City Hotties voting.
  • Hashtag # your photos #hellcityhotties #hellcityhottie
  • @ Tag your photos to appear on Hotties tagged images.



    • Must fill out the Official Hell City Hotties application - CLICK HERE TO APPLY
    • Photos must be high quality (not selfie) modeling images only!
    • Photos must be 8"x10" / 300 dpi/ RGB
    • Photos must be clothed, not full nude (implied nude is ok).
    • The Photo submitted will be used for our online contest for others to vote on our social media pages.
    • You can NOT change your submission photo once you submit it.
    • Submitted photos should be high quality.
    • Any blurry or out of focus photos will not be accepted into the contest.
    • Submitted photos should be high quality. Any blurry or out of focus photos will not be accepted into the contest
    • You will attach your model photo on the Hotties application.



      • Top 10 winners will be required to attend the Hell City Festival daily to present awards.
      • We DO NOT tolerate drama, online bullying, rude or negative comments towards models (or from models) on any of our social networks and websites.
      • Any drama will be grounds for immediate disqualification and removal from the Hell City Hotties contest as well as blocked on all Hell City social networks.
      • Entries will be required to help hand out trophies on the main stage at the Tattoo Competitions at the end of each day (~30-45 minutes each night)
      • Attending top 10 models will have a promotional picture provided by model of themselves running on the big screens throughout the weekend.
      • While handing out trophies on the main stage, Hotties will also have the opportunity to promote themselves.
      • Hotties will bring 3 different outfits for the festival, one per day, but may change more often if desired.
      • Hotties will be interviewed by the host on stage to show off their personalities and love for tattoos for the first portion of the competition.
      • The second portion of the competition includes a small segment wherein each Hottie can tell us more about themselves along with images on the big screen and also get asked a few questions from the Hellions.
      • Attending Hotties will get the chance to be crowned the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winner of the Hotties on the end of the third day of the festival.
      • Voting table at festival will take place near the mainstage

    • We DO NOT tolerate drama, online bullying, rude or negative comments towards models (or from any models) on any of our social networks and websites. Any drama will be grounds for immediate disqualification and removal from the Hell City Hotties contest or also having your profile blocked on all of the Hell City social networks. Anyone found cheating to gain votes will be removed from the contest immediately. We want everyone to have a fair chance of making the Top 10 and being on stage at The Hell City Tattoo Festival!



    • Must be 18 years or older to enter to be a Hell City Hottie.
    • Fill out mandatory online Hell City Hotties form on HC site.
    • Submit 1 photo on entry application - professional photos only.
    • Contestants must use #hellcityhotties and @hell_city in their social media contest posts.
    • The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be selected at the end of the third day of HCTF.
    • Final Voting at fest takes place at Hotties Ballot Voting Table.
    • Contestants agree to all Hell City Rules upon entry.
    • Submit your BEST photo 



      Online Voters will be choosing the top 10 girls from both the Midwest as well as West Coast for the Ohio and the Phoenix festivals, giving these beautiful tattooed women the opportunity to get on the Hell City main stage to hand out trophies as well as presenting various awards throughout the weekend. This is your chance to come meet other top tattoo models in the tattoo industry and get your chance to join one of today’s top tattoo modeling groups at the same time.

      At the end of voting deadline
      , the Hell City Hottie winners will be announced. Then the top 10 contestants with the highest number of votes will be selected for the final ballot voting from the crowd right at Hell City Hotties Voting Table via Ballot Box at the Hell City Hotties Booth that will be done over the weekend at Hell City  Ohio/ Phoenix right on the main stage. If you make it to the top 10, be prepared to make a 30 second- 1 minute video of a talent or hobby you have to be shown on the Hell City mainstage big screen at the festival. The video must be made on a smartphone camera and not professionally done and be shot horizontally, not vertically. Hell City will have a voting table at the Hell City Hotties Booth next to the main stage where attendees (only at the fest, NOT online) will be able to cast their votes for their favorite Hottie via Ballot. This allows the audience to actually cast their votes at the fest, with no online votes to keep it fair, with attendee votes only to choose the top 3 winners (1st,2nd,3rd). Over the three days of Hell City, the crowd will be able to step up to cast their votes at the Hotties voting table (next to tattoo competition sign ups) and drop their Ballot in the box.

      Final Ballot Voting takes place at Hell City! When the gates of Hell City open on Friday with Ballot voting going on until Sunday during the awards ceremony when the top 3 girls with the most votes at Hell City gets crowned as the top three (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) Official “Hell City Hotties”! The Hotties will have their own booth at Hell City where they can meet and greet all the Hellions to help with voters decisions for Ms. Hell City Hottie! The Hotties booth will also be a chance for the girls to sell prints, jewelry, merchandise and more!

      Submission Deadline: * FREE TO ENTER! - CLICK HERE TO ENTER
      Online voting is one month long - ends 30 prior to festival dates.

      Final Ballot Voting at Festival Hotties Table:
      Begins Friday of Hell City at mainstage, ending Sunday during tattoo awards ceremony. FREE TO VOTE!

      VOTING STARTS at the official voting page at www.hellcityhottiesvoting.com .




        • 1st Place Winner receives a $250 cash prize!
        • A variety of gifts from our sponsors!
        • 1 additional photoshoot with Hell City photographer of choice!


        • Daily admission to Hell City Tattoo Fest.
        • Featured image on Hell City Big Screens.
        • One official item of Hell City clothing.
        • Featured post on Hell City Hotties and Hell City Instagram.
        • Opportunity to get photo shoot with a Hell City Photographer.
        • Chance to compete to be the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winner at Hell City!


        • Opportunity to get photo shoot with a Hell City Photographer.
        • ONE Free photoshoot with one photographer of choice from our PHOTOGRAPHERS HERE
        • Hell City clothing and merchandise





        Hell City Hotties Phoenix, AZ 2018 Winners

        1. Diamond Dahlia - 1st
        2. Foxy Manhattan - 2nd
        3. Destiny Fatality - 3rd


        Hell City Hotties Phoenix, AZ 2018 Runners Up

        1. Mrs. Crowley
        2. Rozz Monster
        3. Damari Franco
        4. Lauren Jones
        5. Daryl Oconnell






        Hell City Hotties Ohio 2018 Winners

        1. Little Miss Inked - 1st
        2. Acrux - 2nd
        3. Tasha Blu - 3rd


        Hell City Hotties Ohio 2018 Runners Up

        1. Sabrina Sparks
        2. Lauren Aubrey
        3. Melissa Midnite
        4. Talon Tastrophe
        5. Nirvana Crystal
        6. Darrion Rachelle




            2017 PHOENIX, AZ WINNERS:

            Hell City Hotties Phoenix 2017 Winners

            1. Desiree Raydeen - 1st
            2. Tysha Schmitz - 2nd
            3. Inked Amilia - 3rd

              Hell City Hotties Phoenix 2017 Runners Up

              1. Foxi Finx
              2. Vanna Rae
              3. Heather Renee Nance
              4. Twiitch
              5. Brandi Dees
              6. Bailey Christine
              7. Stacy Adams AZ



                2017 COLUMBUS, OHIO WINNERS:

                Hell City Hotties Ohio 2017 Winners

                1. Roo Phoria - 1st
                2. Jenna Elaine - 2nd
                3. Rachael Ruff - 3rd


                Hell City Hotties Ohio 2017 Runners Up

                1. Dominique Darko
                2. Aleata Illusion
                3. Kitty Karnage
                4. Foxi Finx
                5. She so inky
                6. Talon Tastrophe
                7. InkedDreamer