Punk Rock Tattoo Expo in Las Vegas 2024

Punk Rock Tattoo Expo in Las Vegas 2024
June 21st-23rd, 2024

The Punk Rock Museum will be hosting a powerhouse collection of tattoo artists at the world’s first ever “Punk Rock Tattoo Expo” this June 21st - 23rd. The Punk Rock Tattoo Expo will feature world renowned and highly respected tattoo artists all under one roof. Three fun-filled days of tattoos, art, & music! 

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Attending Artists:

Shaun Kama

Shaun Kama, born in Heidelberg, Germany, to parents who served in the Vietnam War, boasts a diverse heritage blending Native Hawaiian, Native American, and European roots. At 19, he began his tattoo apprenticeship under Mark Mahoney at Shamrock Studios in LA. With over three decades of professional tattooing, Shaun is renowned as "The King of Halloween Tattoos" for his fusion of fantasy, horror, and humor. Based in Las Vegas, he frequents horror, comic, and tattoo conventions nationwide. Alongside his tattooing, Shaun is a prolific painter and illustrator, known for commissioned artworks and authored coloring books. Recently, he ventured into event tattooing with CROWS NEST EVENT TATTOOING, offering bespoke tattoo experiences at various events, backed by industry sponsorship. 

Bob Tyrrell

Bob Tyrrell, son of an exceptional artist, initially aspired to follow in his father's footsteps. However, drawn to the allure of music, he traded his paintbrush for a guitar and spent years immersed in heavy metal bands while working in a factory. Yet, his passion for art never waned, and after getting his first tattoo just before hitting 30, he found himself captivated by the craft. Eager to delve deeper, Bob rekindled his love for drawing, eventually leading him to pursue tattooing. Under the mentorship of luminaries like Tom Renshaw at Eternal Tattoos, he honed his skills, transitioning from apprentice to full-time tattoo artist at the age of 34. Six years of dedicated work followed before Bob embarked on a journey of exploration, taking his talents on the road to various conventions and guest spots. Despite his success, Bob remains humble, acknowledging the countless individuals who've influenced and supported him along the way, including his father and renowned artists like Paul Booth, Robert Hernandez, and Guy Aitchison. With a burning desire to delve into fine art and painting while continuing his tattooing endeavors, Bob Tyrrell epitomizes the essence of an artist who's found his true calling amidst life's twists and turns.

Oliver Peck

Oliver Peck, born on July 29, 1971, in Dallas, Texas, is a renowned tattoo artist known for his traditional American style tattoos and his role as a judge on "Ink Master." Starting his career in the early 1990s, Peck is acclaimed for his bold and colorful designs featuring classic motifs like anchors, eagles, and skulls. He co-owned Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas and True Tattoo in Hollywood, gaining fame not just within tattooing circles but also internationally through "Ink Master" from 2012 to 2020. Peck holds a Guinness World Record for the most tattoos done in 24 hours and is active in the community, mentoring new artists and inspiring the next generation.

Durb Morrison

Durb Morrison, a veteran tattoo artist with over 34 years of experience since 1990, is not only an internationally acclaimed tattooist but also the mastermind behind the renowned Hell City Tattoo Fest. As the owner of Ohio's largest tattoo studio and True Tattoo Supply, Durb's expertise extends beyond the tattoo chair. With his signature new-school neo-traditional style, characterized by rich colors and painterly details, he's a sought-after artist worldwide. Whether immersed in marathon tattoo sessions at RedTree or organizing the iconic Hell City Tattoo Festivals, Durb's dedication to the craft is unwavering. He's also an innovator, having created True Tubes and True Grips, and a contributing writer for Tattoo Magazine. Beyond his contributions to tattooing, Durb's diverse interests include painting, writing, jiu jitsu, and spending quality time with his family.

Tokyo Hiro

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1973 amidst the second wave of the punk rock movement, Hiro's journey into tattooing began at just 14 years old, influenced by the vibrant culture surrounding him. Despite limited resources, he delved into the art of tattooing, learning the craft through unconventional means. At 17, a pivotal encounter with renowned tattoo artist Bob Roberts set Hiro on a path of dedication and passion. Now, over 20 years later, Hiro has established himself as a master of traditional tattooing, staying true to his roots while creating art for a diverse range of clients, from musicians like Ed Sheeran and Marilyn Manson to professional soccer players worldwide. Based in southern California, Hiro continues to hone his craft in his private studio, fueled by his love for punk rock, heavy metal, and country music.

Alexandra Fische 

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Alexandra Fische discovered her passion for painting at the age of 12, nurturing her artistic talents through years of dedication and formal training. Graduating from the Creative and Performing Arts HS in 2007, she pursued a double major in fine arts and psychology at the Community College of Philadelphia on a full scholarship. It was during this time that she embarked on her journey into tattooing, initially as a model for H2Ocean and later delving into conventions. Under the mentorship of Xu Long Qi, also known as "Little Dragon," Alexandra honed her skills in new school, color realism, and ornamental design, while still exploring illustrative and portraiture black and grey styles. After privately apprenticing under Dragon in New York City, she continues to push the boundaries of her creativity, making her mark in the tattoo industry with her diverse and vibrant artwork.

Greg Christian

A talented artist for over 30 years, Greg Christian began his professional career in Elizabethton, Tennessee, at Tennessee Mountain Tattoo, working for F.E. Craig. After 3 years, he took his skills on the road to Miami, Florida working for the Tattoos By Lou Corporation. For the next 5 years, He made Lou's shops his home base as he traveled all over the country working for numerous world renowned tattoo shops. His extended experience in tattooing has enabled him to feature his work among the top tattoo artists in the world.


Jimmy Utah

James owns and operates Grape Ape Tattoo in Tucson Arizona. 


Big Island Mike

Originally from Makakilo on Oahu, Hawaii, Michael Castillo, also known as Big Island Mike, discovered his passion for BMX at the age of 12. Through his talent and dedication, he caught the attention of Chris Moeller of S&M Bikes, propelling him into the world of professional BMX competitions, including Mat Hoffman's Bicycle Stunts Series. Transitioning from riding to judging, Mike's journey led him to work with renowned figures like Mat Hoffman and Rick Thorne, eventually delving into the tattoo world under the mentorship of Mark Mahoney at Shamrock Social Club. After apprenticing with industry legends, Mike returned to Hawaii to open his own shop, Hale Nui Tattoos, in Waikiki, while still maintaining connections to Hollywood and the Shamrock Social Club. With his diverse skill set and unwavering passion, Big Island Mike continues to leave his mark in both the BMX and tattoo communities.





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