Art Fusion Experiment

The Art Fusion Experiment

A Collaborative art project at the Hell City Tattoo Festival

The Art Fusion Experiment will be held at the Hell City Tattoo Festival on the HC Main Stage periodically throughout the entire weekend. This event is a definite crowd pleaser and shouldn’t be missed!

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the Art Fusion Experiment at Hell City! Any attending artist is welcome to participate in The Art Fusion Experiment groups. If you are interested in taking part in The Art Fusion Experiment send an email to:

Sign Up for Art Fusion right at Hell City Mainstage!

The Art Fusion Experiment brought to you by Paul Booth, Filip Leu, and Guy Aitchison. This performance art involves between 3 to 5 artists collaborating, changing canvases every 3 to 5 minutes, and completing pieces of art done in charcoal, color pastels, or other mediums.  At the Main stage everyday! There will also be a silent auction for all the completed work. You must be present at the end of the auction to receive the artwork or it will go to the next bidder. Be sure to check out The Art Fusion Experiment Website to see more on the history and process of this amazing collaborative art project!


2 PM – 4 PM

New School 

Jeff Barnard @golden_yeti

Shane Baker @shanebakertattoo

Sean Gardner @seangardnerisawesome

Tim Stafford @2cartoony4me

Big Greg @biggregtattoos



2 PM – 4 PM


1 PM - 3 PM