Art Gallery

Fine Art Gallery at Hell City Tattoo Fest

Ohio Second Floor Ballroom

If you’ve ever experienced Hell City, you’ll realize that the second floor of the festival is always booming with special events such as live painting, seminars, a tattoo theater and the fine art gallery, the Big Bar on 2, Hellywood and much more! As always, Hell City brings new and exciting events for the artists, collectors, enthusiasts and attendees and, every year, we listen to our artists and attendees as to what they would like to see at the fest. So, at the Columbus festival, we extended the room where the Wet Paint project takes place to create a brand-new second floor ballroom! This new and exciting addition to the second floor ballroom of Hell City now allows us to feature more tattooing as well as a variety of new shopping vendors including body jewelry, tattoo clothing, fine art prints, and various oddities that you won’t find any other tattoo convention!



From flesh to canvas!

The Hell City Tattoo Festival Fine Art Gallery features many other works of art in various mediums. Works displayed in the fine art gallery are from attending Hell City tattoo artists who showcase their other talents including paintings, sculptures, and flash. Be sure to swing by the Fine Art Gallery to see Hell City artists take their art from flesh to canvas! Come feast your eyes on all of the incredible paintings that will blow your mind!


All weekend we are asking all attending tattoo artists to bring at least one piece of fine art with them to display at the convention. The fine art will be displayed in a gallery area right next to the seminar rooms dedicated to displaying other works of art from attending artists. Artists may sell their artwork or just present it for everyone to see. Artists must provide name tags for each piece of art stating the name of the artist and the studio they are with. Artists that wish to sell their fine art must provide pricing for each piece. Artists also must make sure their art is wired and ready to hang in the gallery. Also, be sure to check out our featured artist gallery openings below!





Dinosaur paintings 

This series of paintings explore the world of dinosaurs, as we know them today. I want to show them as creatures we can relate to, with feathers and fur, and as nurturing parents. Dinosaurs were more like animals than we could have ever imagined, and they were also more magnificent than we could have ever imagined. 

I want to take you on a journey through time, to a world where dinosaurs roamed the earth, and where we can see them in a new light. My paintings are not just about dinosaurs, but about the beauty of nature and the wonder of life. They are a celebration of the past, and a glimpse into the future.”

“Interloper series”

“This series of paintings explores the duality of the masculine and the feminine, with a strong presence of sexuality and a mysterious feminine being. I like to think of my paintings as living inter-dimensional creatures that I am just opening the doorway for. The being is an infinite female-faced goddess who is just as curious about our presence as we are of hers. Through my paintings, I aim to explore universal values and emotions, and to create a space for the viewer to contemplate the infinite possibilities of the universe.”