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True Cartridge Needles are the Highest Quality Cartridge Needles at the Best Prices! True Cartridge Needles feature the highest quality, durable, smoked clear lexan plastic diamond tip, press-fit into a medical grade smoked, clear casing. True Cartridge Needles are a more efficient needle cartridge by design, featuring less tension than other needle cartridges on the market today. True Cartridge Needles have an incredibly smooth linear action which gives a smoother needle flow with less tension and faster retraction, which allow the tattoo machine and needles to run smoother overall. This allows the artist to achieve higher speeds with less voltage. True Cartridge Needles are 0.35mm diameter with a standard taper, woven stacked configuration recommended for both color and black and grey work. Each box of True Cartridge Needles includes 20 pre-sterilized needle cartridges. True Cartridge Needles are made of the highest quality tattoo needles with a high quality needle casing providing the artist with the best performing cartridge needle possible!

True Cartridge Needles are essential in everyday tattooing, the benefits of using True Cartridge Needles are countless! True Cartridge Needles are quickly becoming the tattoo industry favorite ! Why use True Cartridge Needles for all of your tattooing projects? True Cartridge Needles protect the client and gives then a sense of security and relaxation knowing that every tattoo needle is completely brand new. The majority of the tattoo industry is now using disposable tattoo tubes and needles and other disposable products.


Using True Cartridge Needles and True Cartridge Tubes has many benefits outside of just tattooing with them. Using True Cartridge Needles and True Cartridge Tubes eliminates the additional risks of scrubbing dirty needles, which has many cross contamination points and is a risky process in general, exposing artists to unwanted additional sanitary risks. disposable tattoo needles also eliminate the need for expensive autoclaves, ultrasonic machines, harmful chemicals used to sterilize, tube bags, spore tests, and saves the tattoo artist many hours of sterilization time, allowing the tattoo artist to have more time to focus on tattooing with a brand new needle every time. True Cartridge Needles disposable tattoo needles are work ready, sterilized and ready to use. True Cartridge Needles is the best possible way to ensure a brand new, sterile tattoo needle that performs like new every time!


True Cartridge Needles Styles:

Standard Liners - The perfect liner needle for those clean, crisp, tight or large tattoo lines.

Turbo Liners - Liner needles with the center needle missing for fast, smooth and solid lines.

Magnum Shaders - Duel layered, weaved shader needles for smooth shading and solid colors.

Curved Mag Shaders - Rounded mag shader needles with curved edges for shading or coloring.

Bugpin Magnum Shaders - Duel layered, bugpin shader needles for very smooth shading.

Curved Bugpin Mag Shaders - Bugpin Shaders with curved edges for ultra smooth shading.


 "Stay New, Stay True, Every Tattoo"!

*Wide Variety of Liner and Shader Sizes and Styles.
*There are over 40 styles of True Cartridge Needles
*Thinner needle plate and walls for perfect accuracy.
*Cut Back round liner tips for better needle visibility.
*Open Tip Mag shaders for easy clean out and color changes.
*Large Bugpin sizes for the best black and grey shading.
*Smooth and stable working plungers for best performance.
*Regular Liners create a perfect one pass line work.
*Turbo Liners have missing center needle for fast, bolder lines.
*#12 medium taper mags for smooth, solid shading and color.
*Curved Mag shader needles for a softer hit while working.
*Bugpin needles are perfect for super smooth black and grey.
*Highest quality plunger band for smooth & consistent needle drive.
* 20 True Cartridge Needles per box.
* Liners are made of medium Long Taper Needles.

* Shaders are medium Needle Taper.
* Woven stacked configuration.
* Recommended for both color and black and grey.
* The safest way to tattoo all of your clients.
* Made of  High Quality Surgical Stainless Steel.
* High standard of manufacturing quality control.
* EO Gas Pre-Sterilized,  blister packaged and work ready.
* Count on a brand new, precise needle for every client.