The Hell City Tattoo Festival is a weekend filled with amazing artists and features many astonishing works of art from the Wet Paint Project to the Fine Art Gallery!
The Wet Paint Project will be returning to Hell City 2017!
Live painting & art made right before your eyes!

Once again, Chris Dingwell will be bringing together nearly 30 of the tattoo world’s finest and most exciting artists who will be creating their work LIVE ON STAGE before your very eyes!

ALSO A NEW “Best Wet Painter” HELL CITY AWARD TO BE GIVEN AT HELL CITY 2017! This will be a people choice award that will be done in the Wet Paint room by ballot where attendees will mark their favorite artist to win the “Best Wet Painter” award at Hell City.

Paint will splatter, messes will be made, mistakes scratched out and painted over, accidents will happen, jokes will be told, drinks will be spilled; in short, artistic genius will unfold RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES! Over a dozen local, as well as artists from around the country, will be working on their creations all weekend long. They will be fueling each others imaginations and sparking their creative flames. Come witness the artistic process in action all weekend long! You might even be able to buy the artwork whose birth you’ve witnessed at Hell City! With this years unbeatable line-up of artists, there won’t be a dull moment on the WET PAINT PROJECT Stages all weekend long!

Art Gallery Openings at Hell City

The Hell City Fine Art Gallery features many other works of art in various mediums. Works displayed in the fine art gallery are from attending Hell City tattoo artists who showcase their other talents including paintings, sculptures, and flash. Be sure to swing by the Fine Art Gallery to see Hell City artists take their art from flesh to canvas! Come feast your eyes on all of the incredible paintings that will blow your mind!!
The Hell City 2017 Fests will be featuring gallery openings of Scott Santee, Toby Gehrlich, “Carving the Flesh Wood” from Doug Billian, “All My Friends Are Dicks” Art Show, and “Surface and Space Artshow” from Guy Aitchison and Adam France