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Freakshows and Live Acts

Hell City Tattoo Festival

Pain Proof Punks

LIVE Saturday night at 7pm at the Hell City Phoenix Mainstage!

Pain Proof Punks and the Dipshit Sideshow is a circus sideshow artist and local music collaborative in the greater Phoenix area! We’re a sideshow that loves to thrash. And elbow people in the eyeballs. And punch your mom in the balls…. but only if she’s okay with it…but trust me, she’s totally okay with it, she told me last night in bed. Acts will include Katara performing a metal belly dance number, Jett Pirouette juggling multiple acts and knives as well as  some fire goodness. Also the Momma Pain Proof Rusty The Clown melts your hearts with some wax and then gets some rest on a bed of nails, Little J Sinclair brings us flesh ashtray, and Irene Silver with her teasing to please burlesque.

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Aerial Performances

Hell City Tattoo Festival

Cervena Fox is bringing her Vampire Suspension act to this year at Hell City Killumbus and Phoenix! Witness this seductive vampire twirling, spinning, and hanging, like vampires do, from numerous chains to seduce you with her sinful new act!

Cervena Fox will also be doing a sexy LED HulaHoop act on the mainstage as an extra show for all the Hellions this year!In addition to her arial acts at this years Hell City Tattoo Fest, Cervena Fox will be displaying her hula hoop skills in a special sexy act at the mainstage with the other great acts this year!

Cervena Fox is a professional model and performer from London, England. She has been modeling since she was 16 and started professionally in September 2010. Since then, Cervena has been featured on over 35 magazine covers.  She has been getting tattooed since she was 16 and also started her apprenticeship that year. Now, she is redoing her apprenticeship  in order to put her art back into the tattoo industry.

Cervena has been performing since 2013 and travels around the world performing and modeling. One of her most infamous acts is fire performing, which unfortunately will not be featured at Hell City due to venue regulations.

Cervena will be performing and have a booth all days at Hell City and will be selling signed prints as well as meeting fans and taking photos free of charge. She would love to meet everyone and feels like she wouldn’t be there without any of her fans.

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Ellie May MarshallNew Zealand’s Circus sweetheart by day and our tattooed twisted sister by night.

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand – this little firecracker Aerialist & Hand Balance Contortionist will have you on the edge of your seats. Spinning at the speed of light she captures her audiences with an entrancing ballet style movement infused with elegance from her figure skating background…and you can’t forget the injection of tattoos and rock’n’roll!

She has trained, taught, collaborated and performed nationwide in NZ and internationally for her circus arts career, as well as having modelled since the age of 18 and has taken out two national Tattoo Beauty Pageant titles in 2016.

Causing a ruckus on the NZ Circus scene with her high energy Contortion & multi-disciplinary Aerial acts – there’s been balloons, blood and mind bending displays of flexibility and graceful strength…with a bit of eccentricity and a whole lot of attitude. You won’t want to miss her at Hell City 2018 with her reinvented Aerial acts to give you a shiver down your spine as she twists and contorts her body in the air right before your eyes…

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