Special Guests & Events

Special Guests and Events – Columbus, OH

Hell City Tattoo Festival

See These Guests All Weekend Long!

The Hell City Tattoo Festival is excited to host special guests and hold exclusive events during the festival weekend! Make sure you don’t miss out!

Derek Hess Book Signing

Derek Hess, an Ohio artist based in Cleveland, is in the process of working on a book called ’31 Days of May’.  Derek will be signing his book at various times throughout the weekend. The book is a culmination of his art that depicts his struggles with dual diagnosis and mental health awareness.  The last chapter of the book is fans of his that have received his images as tattoos and stories of their own personal struggles with mental health, addiction and suicide.  A portion of the proceeds of the book will go to a mental health organization to be determined.


All Hail “Louie Safire” the newest Hell City mascot devil for 2018 featuring incredible makeup and effects by our friend and evil mastermind Todd Reed! Be sure to keep an eye out at Hell City 2018 for the towering “Louie Safire” making his way through the gates of Hell City and also various times at the main stage during acts and various awards. Also, don’t miss his appearance times at the HC Throne in the festival foyer. Brace your souls to meet Louie at Hell City in person, grab your photos and have one hell of a good time!

Keith Harney photo
Johnathon Henderly asst SFX makeup

Magic Nate Walking Magician

Magic Nate is a Central Ohio Magician and has been studying magic for over 21 years now and been performing professionally for the last 8. He performs a mixture of classic and modern magic, adding in his stage and street experience, to create unique experience for every show.

You can find Magic Nate walking around performing at Hell City from 4-7pm on Saturday!

Other Special Hell City Events

In addition to the special events and guests on this page, be sure to check out the Live Music, the Hell City Hotties CompetitionPerformances, and Freakshow that will be happening during the Hell City weekend. These are all sure to be stunning, so don’t miss out!