Live Music – Ohio

Live Music – Columbus, OH

Hell City Tattoo Festival

Live Music all weekend long!

Every year Hell City has bands play to the Hellions! This main stage mayhem features live performances by a variety of band styles of music.

This years bands are sure to make you wanna rock out with your C%#K out! When the main stage begins to rage, step up front and dance your horns off!

Hell City Killumbus, OH Bands

Friday 7pm – Main Stage – Skashank Redemption

Saturday 7pm – Main Stage – 8LB Pressure

Saturday 7:30pm – Main Stage – Dread Engine

Sunday 1pm – Main Stage – S. S. WEB

The Skashank Redemption

The Skashank Redemption does exactly what you think it does: it makes fast, energetic, and irrepressibly catchy tunes that make music lovers of all stripes stop what they were doing and move their feet. The Columbus, Ohio seven-piece have developed a sound that veers from frantic to smooth, technical to exuberant, and always impossible to deny. Couple that with a dynamic stage presence and an increasingly loyal following, and it’s an exciting (and often exhausting!) live experience. Bring a friend, bring your dancing shoes, and bring a towel because you might get wet. The Skashank Redemption is fighting its way to the top, whether you’re ready or not.



Dread Engine

With a unique Electonica / Rock / Metal hybrid sound, Dread Engine is a band that brings high energy and fresh perspective to the “mashup” genre. Built off of the principles of limitless collaboration, every member of Dread Engine offers a distinct background and musical history. Our differences refine our sound, making us an unbridled sonic force. We are unleashing our sound in Central Ohio with several live performances… and your town is next.

8LB Pressure

8LB Pressure is a melodic, intense, heavy rock, groove oriented band that pulls the influences of acts such as: Machine Head, Biohazard, Godsmack, Metallica and Korn. 8LB Pressure obtains a radio friendly sound that can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages, but provides riffs and progressions that can be appreciated by veteran hard rock fans. We aspire to create and produce a diverse sound that will continue to please our fans and reach new listeners. Our goal is to be a consistent presence in the world of hard rock.