Educational Seminars – Ohio

Hell City Tattoo Festival

Possess your mind with tattoo knowledge from today’s best tattoo artists and painters!

Take your educational seminars at this years Hell City Tattoo Fest.  Seminars are a great way to expand your knowledge of various fields of body modification. Learn from today’s industry leaders and possess your mind with tattoo knowledge!

Educational Seminars – Columbus, OH

You can sign up for any educational seminar you wish to take right at the convention! See the Admissions Counter upon arrival at Hell City for info on seminars and times, or simply show up at Hell City seminar room 30 minutes prior to the seminar starting time. You must pay general admission to be able to take any seminar. Attendees will be checked for official Hell City wrist bands prior to taking a seminar. Seminar payments will be accepted as money orders or cash only payable to the educator prior to taking the seminar.


12 pm – 6:30 pm – Health Educators -“Bloodborne Pathogens” Seminar

registration begins at 11:30

^^ * This seminar is required for artists @ Hell City who are not already certified * ^^


10 am – 11 am – Yoga For Artists – Morning Class

12 pm – 1 pm – “Balancing The Artists Body” – Seminar

5pm – 8pm – Gabe Ripley Tattoo Now -“Building a GREAT Tattoo Biz” Seminar


10 am – 11 am – Yoga For Artists – Morning Class

12 pm – 1 pm – Russ Abbott – *FREE* Digital Art Seminar

1 pm – 4 pm – “Thinking Outside Tattooing” by Bryan Sánchez – *FREE* Seminar

5 pm – 7 pm – James Kern “Tattooing The Impossible” Seminar


12 pm – 1 pm – “Balancing The Artists Body” – Seminar

1 pm – 3 pm – James Kern “Leveling Up: Pushing Your Art To The Next Level” Seminar

3 pm – 7 pm – Frank LaNatra “The Fundamentals of Character Design” Seminar


Health Educators Seminar

Bloodborne Pathogens Training & Infection Control for the Modification Industry

“Bloodborne Pathogens For Body Modification Practitioners” is by far the most comprehensive INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC bloodborne pathogens training course available for traditional tattoo artists and body piercers. This course is compliant with the federal Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030). You will be provided with comprehensive updates on the very latest changes in OSHA health & safety regulations as they apply to the modification industry, with training in solid, industry-specific solutions for maintaining compliance within a professional studio environment.

Cost: $125 / Course Length: 6.5 hours

Phone for pre-registration: # 216-832-9405


Pre-registered attendees are guaranteed course space & materials; all others are welcome on a first-come-first-serve basis, as availability allows.

Course Includes:

OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, all instructional and reference materials, free product samples, and a certificate of completion that is valid for one year. Lodging & meals are not included.

Please contact by email: David Vidra for further detailed information about classes at Hell City

Tattoo Artists Needing Immediate Certification:

Online CPR, First Aid & Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Training

Course Includes: Immediate Certificate and Immediate Wallet Card

TattooNOW's Building a GREAT Tattoo Business Webinar

Being good isn’t enough, be GREAT! To be great you must organize your talents, work, and businesses for success. If you are tattooing for a living then you are a small business. If you don’t understand the nature of business, then you are spending more energy and getting less out of your hard work. In this seminar artists, managers, studio owners, and apprentices will learn to think about all the details of a professional business plan as it relates specifically to high quality professional tattooing. Topics covered will include clearly defining your mission, how to build a strong business foundation, determining keys to success, assessing your target markets, establishing branding, comparing competitors, clearly defining your services and products, sales and marketing strategies, advertising and public relations, responsible selling strategies & creating demand, human resources management, and how to track your vital statistics to insure your businesses fulfills its potential. We have watched and helped artists in all stages of careers, from aspiring artists and managers to artists of exceptional influence, and are happy to pass on the great ideas that have helped us achieve our goals time and time again.

Cost: $200 / Course Length: 2 hour talk/slideshow with 30 minutes of business questions & answers from attendees

For over a decade Gabe Ripley has been immersed in the business of tattooing. After a freelance computer programming career in the US and Europe, Gabe first stepped into the tattoo business world in 2001 by creating TattooNOW, a technology business that currently powers over 100 tattoo industry websites around the world and has since helped tattooers generate millions of dollars in business. In 2005, based on the success of TattooNOW’s websites, Ripley opened Off the Map Tattoo. By constantly improving the studio’s business practices, it now boasts over 50 guest artists a year, and a growing business in a slowing economy. Not one to settle, in 2008 Ripley started using the same business practices to produce two yearly events, the Paradise Tattoo Gathering and Paradise Artist Retreat. These events are focused on four days of responsible tattoo and art education and have earned an international reputation. Gabe presented this seminar to over 200 artists at the first Worldwide Tattoo Conference in Rome in October 2011. “Everybody gave me good feedback because you gave to the artists good, easy, and interesting suggestions!” said Alex DePase the conference’s promoter of the business seminar.

Each attendee will get the following:

  • Sample Tattoo Studio Handbook.
  • Sample Daily and weekly checklists
  • Sample management action plan.
  • Sample marketing materials (postcards, bi-folds, goodie bags)

Russ Abbott's Digital Art Seminar

This * FREE * Seminar is presented by Russ Abbott of Ink & Dagger Tattoo, founder of Tattoo Smart!

Take a guided tour through the tools and technology that are changing the way we design tattoos.

As the tattoo industry’s leading source for digital design brushes, tutorials, reference eBooks, and palettes, is dedicated to showing tattooers the advantages of a digital process.  This is your chance to become familiar with the technology available right now, and get a glimpse into the future of digital tattoo design. Tattoo Smart: Ancient Craft/ Modern Perspective!

Saturday 12pm – 1pm / 1 hour FREE seminar
Cost: FREE to all artists


This *FREE* seminar is presented by Bryan Sánchez of Into the Woods

Thinking outside the box


Many Tattoo Artists in the industry have learned their techniques by replicating from their mentors or from other tattoos they saw.  This path has led many artists to repeat certain “formulas” without knowing the real reason they make these choices or why these formulas work.  Some artists just line and color simply because they were taught that’s what works.

Through academic fundamentals, using reference outside of tattooing, and the experimentation process, this seminar will open the artistic spectrum to artists of all mediums. Whether you are a painter, tattoo artist, or just interested in learning more about the art process, this will help you stray from mimicking other artists and find your path to building an artistic style.


Attendees will receive:
PDF material with Color theory contents and certificate of attendance.

Attendees will need:
Notebook to take notes.
Attendees are welcome to bring brushes and watercolors or acrylics with basic colors.

Saturday 1-4pm

Cost: Free

Pre-register today by emailing Bryan:

Balancing The Artists Body - Seminar

This seminar explores the relationship between our physical and mental body to perform at its fullest and the tools to implement to help us come into balance with ourselves, so that our days can create more balance and productivity.

Topics Include:

  • Correct Alignment and Posture
  • Stretching, Yoga and Meditation
  • Nutrition and Supplements


Seminar Times:

Friday / 12pm-1pm

Sunday / 12pm-1pm

Seminar Price: $75

For more info, please email Rachel at:

Yoga For Artists with Rachel Gonzalez

“Yoga For Artists” description:

This yoga class will help the artist enhance flexibility, loosen areas of tension and strengthen areas of weakness to increase your creativity and deepen your concentration for tattoo sessions.

Yoga class times:

Friday – 10am – 11am
Saturday – 10am – 11am

Class price: $10
For more info please email:

James Kern Tattooing The Impossible

Tattooing the Impossible Seminar by James Kern

5 pm – 7 pm

This seminar focuses on the techniques to create non-traditional tattoos. It is designed to help you think outside of the black outline and push the limits of what can be created in skin.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:

*Color and edge,

*Rendering outer space,

*Reproducing complex imagery by artists (Alex Grey and Dealing with complexity-  *Creating, and transferring complex stencils and techniques for tattooing complex imagery.

Please bring photos that you would like to discus or critique after the presentation.

James Kern has been tattooing for 22 years and is known for creating complex and sometimes psychedelic tattoo imagery.

James Kern Leveling Up

“Leveling up: Pushing Your Art to the Next Level” Seminar by James Kern

1 pm – 3 pm

We have reached such a high technical level in tattooing; where do we have to go?

By improving the way we think about tattoos, we can create images that stand out and draw you in.

In this seminar we will discuss:

– Value, color and contrast.

– Expressing ideas, atmosphere and mood.

– Creating the illusion of depth.

– What tricks are there to to make our images stronger?

Frank LaNatra: The Fundamentals of Character Design

“The Fundamentals of Character Design” Frank LaNatra Seminar

3 pm – 7pm

We spend so much time focusing on the technical aspects of tattooing that we tend to neglect the fundamentals of drawing.  This is the foundation that all great art is built upon and will translate into your tattooing.  We tend to forget about our basic shapes and perspective which can sometimes leave our drawings looking odd or a bit off.
This course will take you back to those roots and help you to understand how to draw from the ground up.  All great characters start from an understanding of complex shapes at their most rudimentary form.
We will focus on:
  • Using basic shapes in 3 dimensional space
  • Sketching and gesture drawing
  • Characterizing animals from reference
  • Head studies including facial features, expressions and defining characteristics
  • Lines of action and motion
  • Strong Silhouettes
  • Giving life to your creations
We will be drawing in this course so please bring:
  • Digital or Traditional drawing materials
  • Animal references
  • Your imagination

Attendees will receive:

  • Frank’s Brand New “Atmospheric Landscapes” ink set FREE to the first 5 people to register
  • PDF of course material
  • Character sticker pack

Cost $200 / Course Length: 4 hours