The Hell City Tattoo Festival has always had an amazing selection of beautiful and talented tattoo models grace the stage over the years.  Hell City will be choosing beautiful tattooed women from the tattoo community and industry to be the official “Hell City Hotties” trophy girls of Hell City along with other incredible models from various tattooed groups and other great collections of beautiful tattooed women in the tattoo community!

The “Hell City Hotties” are the official trophy girls handing out awards to the winners on the main stage along with an amazing collection of other beautiful women, while at the same time getting exposure over the mic and also having their photos on the big screens that will run the entire festival weekend. The winners of the Hell City Hotties contest will join all the other lovely women from various modeling groups within the tattoo industry and community. These tattoo models from other companies that will be joining the “Hotties” will be the first ever collective of various tattoo models from other companies and groups within the tattoo industry and community. These tattoo models have worked hard throughout the tattoo industry representing some of today’s top tattoo model groups and tattoo companies. Now they are turning up the heat on the Hell City mainstage joining the other “Hell City Hotties” during the mainstage contest!

Online Voters will be choosing the top 10 girls from both the Midwest as well as West Coast for the Ohio and the Phoenix festivals, giving these beautiful tattooed women the opportunity to get on the Hell City main stage to hand out trophies as well as presenting various awards throughout the weekend. This is your chance to come meet other top tattoo models in the tattoo industry and get your chance to join one of today’s top tattoo modeling groups at the same time.

At the end of voting deadline, the Hell City Hottie winners will be announced. Then the top 10 contestants with the highest number of votes will be selected for the final ballot voting from the crowd right at Hell City Hotties Voting Table via Ballot Box at the Hell City Hotties Booth that will be done over the weekend at Hell City  Ohio/ Phoenix right on the main stage. Hell City will have a voting table at the Hell City Hotties Booth next to the main stage where attendees (only at the fest, NOT online) will be able to cast their votes for their favorite Hottie via Ballot. This allows the audience to actually cast their votes at the fest, with no online votes to keep it fair, with attendee votes only to choose the top 3 winners (1st,2nd,3rd). Over the three days of Hell City, the crowd will be able to step up to cast their votes at the Hotties voting table (next to tattoo competition sign ups) and drop their Ballot in the box.

Final Ballot Voting takes place at Hell City! When Hell City opens on Friday voting goes on until Sunday during the awards ceremony when the top 3 girls with the most votes at Hell City gets crowned as the top three (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) Official “Hell City Hotties”!


Find out more, see current entries, and enter the Hell City Hotties competition here!