Massage Therapy and Equipment

Massage Therapy and Tattoo Equipment Rental Available

Hell City Tattoo Festival

Massage Therapy at various times all weekend at Hell City!

Enjoy our relaxation station at Hell City! Let the massage therapists help ease your pain and tension with some bodywork, chill music & aromatherapy. They will be offering 10-15 min massage/bodywork sessions to artists, staff, & patrons during the convention. Participants can pick from either Seated Massage (done in a specialized chair), Sports Massage/ Thai massage (done on massage table), Reflexology of Hands or Feet, Headache Relief (head, neck & shoulder massage), or Cranial Sacral/EnergyWork. Just let them know where you are hurting and what is going on and they will customize the session to fit your needs. These services are done on a donation basis and first come first serve.

Licensed Massage Therapist Carrie Jarrett

With over 17 years experience in the massage therapy field, Carrie specializes in sports, medical, prenatal, therapeutic, and currently works with 2 chiropractors. The Club at Corazón in Dublin is her home base.
Carrie was reorganized by BIBRI (Body Image Betrayal), does volunteer work at assisted living facilities, and has new projects with substance abuse on the horizon.
Call Carrie for a free consult. Treatment plans: credit cards & HSA accounts accepted.
FB @CarrieJarrettLMT

Tattoo Equipment Rental

Rental equipment available at Hell City

Hell City has a wide variety of massage tables and armrests available throughout the entire festival weekend. Artists can simply check at the admissions counter to see if they can rent a massage table or armrest to make their tattooing experience easier over the weekend.

Basic prices for massage table rentals and armrests are:

1 hour rental = $10
1 full day rental = $50