Fine Art Gallery

Fine Art Gallery

Hell City Tattoo Festival

From flesh to canvas!

The Hell City Fine Art Gallery features many other works of art in various mediums. Works displayed in the fine art gallery are from attending Hell City tattoo artists who showcase their other talents including paintings, sculptures, and flash. Be sure to swing by the Fine Art Gallery to see Hell City artists take their art from flesh to canvas! Come feast your eyes on all of the incredible paintings that will blow your mind!!

All weekend we are asking all attending tattoo artists to bring at least one piece of fine art with them to display at the convention. The fine art will be displayed in a gallery area right next to the sinema and seminar rooms dedicated to displaying other works of art from attending artists. Artists may sell their artwork or just present it for everyone to see. Artists must provide name tags for each piece of art stating the name of the artist and the studio they are with. Artists that wish to sell their fine art must provide pricing for each piece. Also, be sure to check out our featured artist gallery openings below!

Featured Gallery Openings

Scott Santee

Scott Santee is an artist currently located in Columbus, Ohio. Scott tattoos at and owns Memento Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio. Scott enjoys doing a variety of styles but when he’s granted full artistic control it can make the end result that much better.

Toby Gehrlich

Toby Gehrlich is an artist currently located in Phoenix, Arizona. Toby grew up on the outskirts of the village Botkins, just 50 miles north of Dayton, Ohio. Spending countless hours in the woods surrounding his home, Toby formed an imaginary world that has influenced his artwork even to this day. Toby began drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil. Only interested in graphite or black and gray drawing as a kid Toby, after long encouragement from his parents, picked up painting in acrylics at the age of 20. In 2000, an opportunity arose in the form of an apprenticeship in tattooing. Toby jumped at the chance and soon found himself tattooing full-time out of a small shop in Wapakoneta. After spending a year and a half in that first shop, Toby thought it time to move forward to larger opportunities. He moved to Columbus and has had the pleasure to work alongside great artists in some of Columbus’s premier tattoo shops. Currently, Toby is in Arizona at Divinity Tattoo. When Toby isn’t officially on the clock, he’s working to perfect his art in all aspects.

Doug Billian – “Carving the Flesh Wood”

Doug Billian presents his newest works titled  “Carving The Flesh” where he works images on wood from dark to light using a unique and eye capturing Oil on Wood combo approach to bring the viewer a one of a kind art experience. Showing at this year’s Hell City Tattoo Festival!

“All My Friends Are Dicks”  Art Show

This additional art show in this years Hell City fine art gallery features some of the most beautiful and fascinating dicks you’ll ever see in your life. This assortment of various dicks have been brush stroked to the point of artistic excellence. These hard cardboard dicks have been handled with the softest touches of artistic love and now they throb for your eyes to spew their artistic goodness into. Don’t miss your chance to come face to face with the world’s largest collection of dick art all under one roof for your viewing pleasure!

Surface and Space Artshow 

A dual art show presenting the recent art works of visionary artists, Guy Aitchison and Adam France.

Join us for the weekend opening reception of the collaborative artshow of Guy Aitchison and Adam France called “Surface and Space” artshow at Hell City Tattoo Fest 2017 in Ohio.

Guy Aitchison says “My work is intended not to tell a story, but to elicit a response. On the surface, my goals are simple: I want to make works that are visually beautiful and intriguing, just to get the viewer’s attention. From there, I hope to establish a presence in their imagination that acts as a key, allowing them to visualize whole new visionary realms. All art does this to some extent, so I take this responsibility seriously and aim to provide new templates of places that are enjoyable to imagine.”

Adam France has tattooed now for 18 years and coming from a family of artists, Adam France enjoys creating large bio-organic / robotic transformation projects. He takes huge influence from surrealistic psychedelic influences, aliens and outer space.