Hell City Tattoo Festival

Pain Proof Punks

LIVE Saturday night at 7pm at the Hell City Phoenix Mainstage!

Pain Proof Punks and the Dipshit Sideshow is a circus sideshow artist and local music collaborative in the greater Phoenix area! We’re a sideshow that loves to thrash. And elbow people in the eyeballs. And punch your mom in the balls…. but only if she’s okay with it…but trust me, she’s totally okay with it, she told me last night in bed. Acts will include the bendy babe Crystal Frost doing contortion, Jett Pirouette juggling multiple acts and knives as well as  some fire goodness. Also the Momma Pain Proof Rusty The Clown melts your hearts with some wax and then gets some rest on a bed of nails, Little J Sinclair brings us flesh ashtray, and Irene Silver with her teasing to please burlesque.

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