Booth Application

Filling out this online application  does NOT  guarantee you a booth – but rather allows us to review your tattoo work/portfolio, studio, and more for a possible invitation to purchase a booth at Hell City. We do NOT email applicants back unless they are to receive an invitation for a vendor booth. A single booth application requires two working artists, a double booth requires 4 and must be pre-approved. Incomplete applications will be rejected.


To apply for your booth at Hell City you MUST follow these steps, in order. (Applies to tattoo AND vendor booths).

Step 1 • Booth Application

Complete Booth Application Form.  If your application is approved – you will get an approval email with a link to proceed to step 2, where you fill fill out your forms.

Step 2 • Forms

Next you will complete required forms. (digital forms on Hell City website)

– vendor and artist release forms
– board of health forms (tattoo booths)

Step 3 • Make Payment

Once your forms are submitted and complete, you will get an email with link to pay for your booth. You will have 30 days to make payment or risk losing your spot.