Artists Shipping Info-Phoenix

Artists shipping items – Phoenix, AZ

Hell City Tattoo Festival

For artists who are shipping items to the Biltmore Resort

Special arrangements must be made for receiving equipment, goods, displays or any other materials which will be sent, delivered or brought into the resort for Hell City.

Failure to make these arrangements may result in refusal of deliveries or materials being unavailable when required.

The Hotel Convention Services Manager or Catering Manager for your convention or meeting must be made aware of the quantity and the volume of shipment no later than one week prior to expected claim date of packages.

A package shall be defined as any carton, case, box or crate weighing at least (2) pounds, but not to exceed (50) pounds.  A determination for handling will be made by the hotel for items not meeting this definition.  Services of an outside receiving company, if necessary, will be engaged by the sender.

No packages shall be accepted by the Biltmore Resort more than four days prior to expected date of claim.

Packages refused because of early arrival will be directed to a local carrier.  Additional charges to be at the sender’s expense.

The resort’s receiving entrance is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Special arrangements must be made, in advance, for any deliveries not within this time frame.

Any materials being sent to the hotel must be labeled as follows:



Arizona Biltmore Hotel
2400 E. Missouri
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Hold for arrival Name
Attention: (Guest Name and Organization)
Arrival Date: (Month/Day/Year)
Name of Convention: Hell City
Booth Business Name:
Complete return address:
Number of Boxes: (i.e., Box 1 of 2; Box 2 of 2)
Name of Meeting Room: Hell City Ballroom


The hotel does not accept liability for equipment, goods or displays which arrive or fail to arrive to the hotel.  The hotel will not be responsible for damage to materials improperly packed, concealed damage, loss or theft of materials prior to or after delivery.  The shipper is encouraged to make arrangements for loss or damage with its insurance carrier.


Handling charges will apply based on size and weight of items being received and moved.  Shipments over 100 pounds should be handled by an alternative freight handling company to be contracted by the sender.  Due to our limited storage space, we are not able to accommodate large shipments of material or heavy pieces of equipment (over 100 pounds).

All exhibit materials must be shipped to a drayage company.  Handling charges will apply for moving packages to and from the hotel receiving area to a designated area within the Phoenix Convention Center or Biltmore Hotel.  Please designate a signee at the delivery site.


Per Box $5.00

Pallet of larger shipment (per 100 lbs.) $70.00

Delivery to the Convention Center $70.00


Packages will be delivered to and from assigned areas according to schedule provided by guest prior to the start of the function.  Any variance in scheduled times will result in materials/packages being assigned a delivery time by hotel staff according to work load.


All packages must be properly packaged and labeled by guest.  Shipping method must be indicated.