Live Music – Phoenix

Live Music – Phoenix, AZ

Hell City Tattoo Festival 2017

Live Music all weekend long!

Live music all weekend! Every year Hell City has bands play to the Hellions! This main stage mayhem features live performances by a variety of band styles of music.

This years bands are sure to make you wanna rock out with your C%#K out! When the main stage begins to rage, step up front and dance your horns off!

Hell City Phoenix, AZ Bands

Friday 7pm – Main Stage – LightSpeedGo

Saturday 7pm – Main Stage – THE DARTS

Sunday 1pm – Main Stage – Outlaw Inlaws


LightSpeedGo was formed in 2013 with the simple goal of creating quality punk rock in the vintage west coast style that reigned supreme in the mid to late nineties. LightSpeedgo’s unique style and energetic live performances have made them a fixture in the Arizona and Southern California punk rock community. They are featured regularly on “Go Punk Yourself” on 98 KUPD, a local Hubbard Broadcasting station. The band has already shared the stage with the likes of Teenage Bottle Rocket, The Copyrights, Masked Intruder, Pulley, Implants, Adolescents, Left Alone, Ten Foot Pole, Good Riddance, Strung Out, Flatliners, Authority Zero, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Only Crime, The Ataris, Nekromantix, Success, Guttermouth, Toy Guitar, Shell Corporation, Punk Rock Karaoke and the Parasites. Upcoming shows include Stung Out and Face to Face.


THE DARTS are an all-grrl garage rock supergroup featuring Nicole Laurenne (The Love Me Nots, Motobunny, Zero Zero), Rikki Styxx (The Two Tens, The Dollyrots, Thee Outta Sites), Christina Nunez (The Love Me Nots, Casual Encounters, The Madcaps), and Michelle Balderrama (Brainspoon).

The band formed in early 2016 when, after watching each other’s bands from the sidelines for years, Nicole and Michelle realized there was no good reason why they shouldn’t just start writing songs together already. With six songs ready, Rikki and Michelle recorded their tracks in Los Angeles and then Nicole and Christina tracked their parts in Phoenix. Arizona producer Bob Hoag (The Format, Dear And The Headlights, The Ataris) then masterfully stirred the mess together over a piping hot console. The result is two smoking 10” vinyl EPs full of garage riffs, girl-group harmonies, fuzz bass, farfisa organ, badass drum fills, and all-around lo-fi-turned-hi-fi goodness.

Soon after their October 2016 release, the singles “Running Through Your Lies” and “Revolution” enjoyed instant radio airplay and “Take What I Need” was selected by Sirius/XM’s Underground Garage channel as “The Coolest Song In The World” and was even tweeted by author Stephen King. The band then played its first live show in October, 2016, signed with London’s Dirty Water Records (MFC Chicken, King Salami, Archie and The Bunkers, Muck and The Mires, The Morlocks), and proceeded to tour the Southern US, to the delight of several media outlets (CBS Dallas, PBS Houston, more). Shortly thereafter, the Darts signed deals with licensing companies Media Horse (US) and Wipe Out Music (UK).

The band has released one DIY music video to date and will release two more official videos in March 2017. The Darts will tour the western US with Weird Omen (France) in March 2017 and with The Jackets (Switzerland) in September 2017.

The Darts will invade Europe for the first time in May 2017, with appearances in England, France, and Italy booked by Jostone Traffic (Bellrays, Guitar Wolf, Man or Astroman?, Los Straitjackets). A full-length record will follow in late summer 2017 on the Dirty Water imprint.

Outlaw Inlaws

Outlaw Inlaws are a mix of cowboy punk, aggressive hillbilly and no hold’s barred lyrical content makes an Outlaw Inlaws live experience unforgettable with audiences only wanting more. The four piece band hail from Phoenix, Arizona with roots in Alaska, Northern and Central Arizona and focus their performance on original songs with a few classic and newer covers delivered in the unique Outlaw Inlaws style.