After Party – Phoenix

After Party – Phoenix, AZ

It’s a Hellabration!

“Swim your sins away” at the many Biltmore pools.

Whether or not you plan on hanging out at the pool or bar, or venturing out to see the night life, Hell City after parties are definitely not to be missed! Last years after parties were out of hand every night and we’re sure this years will be the same!!

This a great time to mingle with artists, friends, collectors and enthusiasts who are at Hell City for the amazing fun times, memories and also a relaxing tattoo vacation for everyone. Come join other tattoo artists in the festivities at the bar and pool. Drink, mingle, and have one hell of a good time!

  • For the safety of others, please use plastic cups at the pool!
  • Please respect the venue once you’re drunk, keep the good times great!

Artist Meet & Greet

Thursday early artist set up will be from 5pm – 8pm in the ballroom. This gives artists a chance to partially setup prior to the fest, making opening the gates of Hell City on Friday go smooth!

Then Thursday evening, we give everyone the chance to meet, mingle, make appointments, and get ready for one hell of a weekend! The artist meet & greet starts at 8:00 Thursday night and will be free & open to the public. Be sure to come and hang out with all tattoo artists, as well as tattoo collectors and enthusiasts!


“Douse Your Demons” at the Hell City Bar. Hell City now has it’s own signature drinks!

This drinks are sure to ignite your taste buds and make your horns stand on end! These special “Hell City Drinks” are incredibly tasty and will really get your soul in the mood to do some sinful things! Our “Hell’s Homemade Apple Pie”  is a tasty mix of sweetness and fire all in one shot, while our “Orchard Fire” beer is sure to possess your body with warm goodness that packs a punch! All Hell City drinks have been developed, researched and tested by our special team of Hell City mixologists and scientists and are proven to get the little devil in you drunk! Go ahead, mix your own “Hell City Drink” at home, your soul will thank you!

These special Hell City drinks will be available in all 3 of The Biltmore bars (The Wright Bar, Frank & Albert’s and Cabana Club)

Hell’s Homemade Apple Pie

Fireball – ¾ oz.

Apple Pucker – ¼ oz.

Pineapple Juice – ¼ oz.

Orchard Fire

Angry Orchard Beer – 10 oz.

Fireball – 1 ¼ oz.